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Building health together



We look for companies who share our long-term business vision to ensure the commercial success of our products. Noventure looks to build partnerships based on a shared understanding of the medical needs and market opportunities of each country.

Our products are available in more than 40 territories through an extensive network of partners and distributors. Various companies have expanded their partnership with us into new territories and with new products.

Our success is based on the synergy and fit of our products into the commercial strategy of our partners, including its main therapeutic areas, its business model and its current clients.

Noventure’s products are medical devices with CE marking that are available for commercialization across the European Union and associated territories. For non-EU countries, the regulatory process is carried out locally.

We offer cutting-edge products based on the barrier effect. These products reinforce the resistance of the epithelial mucosa, restoring its functionality and allowing the body to recover.

We participate in scientific events and work with research institutions to spread knowledge about our technology. We have extensive scientific documentation and a plan to continually publish new articles to support our products. We also boast a growing number of experts in the field vouching for our products.

We provide continual training and support to our partners to help them draw up successful marketing plans. 

The Noventure team is made up of professionals with extensive experience in regulatory, medical, marketing and customer service matters. Our priority is to establish new agreements and to support our partners in whatever it takes to achieve their business objectives. This is what makes working with Noventure so rewarding for our license holders.

Our partners endorse our approach. Listen to their testimonials. 

Building health
Building health