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New publication on Recurrent UTI: Q&A on Clinical Practice1

A novel mode of action to promote antibiotic-sparing approach to Recurrent UTIs: Questions and Answers on Clinical Practice1

Consultations for recurrent urinary tract infections (rUTIs) in everyday clinical practice range from 1% to 6% of all medical visits with high social and personal associated costs, such as prescriptions, hospital expenses, days of sick leave due to the disease, and the treatment of related comorbidities. Often urologists are asked to give practical recommendations to patients regarding the everyday management of recurrent UTIs. A new review1 aims to give to the physicians managing UTI some helpful suggestions for their everyday clinical practice, based on the recent evidence.

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New publication for UTIPRO® PLUS / UTIPRO® PLUS AF (The UTISWISS Study)

We are happy to announce the publication of new evidence on the benefit of an antibiotic-free approach (xyloglucan, hibiscus and propolis for oral administration) in the management of uncomplicated urinary tract infections.

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New publication on the mode of action of Mucoprotectants: gelatin tannate and xyloglucan show similar effectivity on preventing Cholera Toxin-Induced diarrhea in experimental studies1

The newer antidiarrheal agents include the mucoprotectants gelatin tannate and xyloglucan. Both were able to attenuate cholera toxin-induced intra-loop water secretion in an experimental study in rats. 

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