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Launch of TASECTAN® AF in Denmark

Noventure is glad to announce the launch of TASECTAN® AF in Denmark by its partner company Pharmaforce, thus setting a record time-to-market, after Noventure granted Pharmaforce exclusive distribution right for Tasectan® AF in the Nordic markets last April. Tasectan® AF is intended to restore the physiological functions of the intestinal walls. It is specifically formulated for the control and reduction of the symptoms related to diarrheal events of different aetiologies in adults and children.

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New publication for Utipro® Plus

We are pleased to announce the publication of a case series referring about the benefits of Utipro® Plus in some challenging cases of urinary infections. In this new publication, that is the result of a fruitful collaboration among KOLs of international relevance, the product has proved its usefulness as a non-pharmacological approach in recurrent UTIs, thus allowing a rational use of antibiotics.

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Let's meet in..

2021, Oct 05


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2021, Nov 09

CPhI 2021

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2022, Feb 01


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