New publication on the mode of action of Mucoprotectants: gelatin tannate and xyloglucan show similar effectivity on preventing Cholera Toxin-Induced diarrhea in experimental studies1

The newer antidiarrheal agents include the mucoprotectants gelatin tannate and xyloglucan. Both were able to attenuate cholera toxin-induced intra-loop water secretion in an experimental study in rats.

This supports previous evidence that their mechanism of mucosal protection is closely related to their chemical structures, and involves the ability to form mucoadhesive films, thus minimizing the contact between CT and the intestinal epithelium.

1Eutamene, H.; Beaufrand, C.; Harkat, C.; Theodorou, V. Effect of Two Mucoprotectants, Gelatin Tannate and Xyloglucan plus Gelatin, on Cholera Toxin-Induced Water Secretion in Rats. Gastrointest. Disord. 2022, 4, 324–332.