New publication for UTIPRO® PLUS / UTIPRO® PLUS AF (The UTISWISS Study)

We are happy to announce the publication of new evidence on the benefit of an antibiotic-free approach (xyloglucan, hibiscus and propolis for oral administration) in the management of uncomplicated urinary tract infections.

The objective of this very recent publication in Uro was the evaluation of the efficacy of an oral medical device containing xyloglucan, hibiscus, and propolis in clinical practice with a cohort of 103 women from Switzerland with UTI-like symptoms, paying special attention to the recurrence of UTIs, UTI-like symptoms and the administration of concomitant drugs. The product was administered following the doses described in the product instructions for use. A total of 84 women (81.6%) did not require an additional consultation, whereas 17 (16.5%) required a second one. None of the women from the study reported an adverse event. The studied product containing xyloglucan, hibiscus, and propolis was considered well tolerated and effective for the treatment of a broad spectrum of women with acute uncomplicated or recurrent UTI-like symptoms.

As the development of antibiotic resistance has resulted in the need to change the paradigm toward alternative therapeutic approaches for uncomplicated urinary tract infections (UTIs) and European guidelines recommend counselling, behavioral modifications, and non-antimicrobial measures to prevent recurrence, results of this study further reinforce the usefulness of Utipro® Plus/Utipro® Plus AF as non-antibiotic approach in uncomplicated UTIs.

Utipro® Plus and Utipro® Plus AF are medical devices intended for the control and prevention of uncomplicated urinary tract infections and comply with the Essential Requirements of Directive 93/42/EEC and subsequent amendments. (Utipro® Plus CE 0373, Noventure SL - Utipro® Plus AF CE 0476, Noventure SL)

Link to open access paper: Uro 2022, 2, 245–253.

This information is only intended for healthcare professionals.