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Do you know Noventure?

Do you know Noventure? You may know that Noventure is a Spanish company from Barcelona, part of Ferrer, specialized in medical devices & innovative food supplements.
But... who are we in the team, what do we actually do and most importantly... how do we do it❓
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Second publication for OLE hydrogel

After the publication of the first paper in which the significant antioxidant activity of Olea europaea leaf extract (OELE) was observed and assessed, we are happy to announce the second publication related to the hydrogel (EHO-85) based on OELE, indicated for the healing of wounds of full and partial thickness.

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Publication of first clinical evidence for EHO-85 hydrogel

The first clinical evidence related to an hydrogel based on Olea europaea leaf extract (EHO‐85) indicated for the healing of wounds of full and partial thickness has been published in the Journal of Clinical Medicine.

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