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New publication on the mode of action of Mucoprotectants: gelatin tannate and xyloglucan show similar effectivity on preventing Cholera Toxin-Induced diarrhea in experimental studies1

The newer antidiarrheal agents include the mucoprotectants gelatin tannate and xyloglucan. Both were able to attenuate cholera toxin-induced intra-loop water secretion in an experimental study in rats. 

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Noventure presents its pediatric range at the 51st ESPGHAN Annual Meeting in Geneva, 09-12 May 2018

As in previous years, Noventure has participated in the ESPGHAN Congress, held in Geneva, 09-12 May 2018.

Pediatric gastroenterologists are a key target group for the recommendation and endorsement of new approaches to GI conditions in children. 4.627 delegates from 100 countries participated at the congress, and many of them approached Noventure´s stand to request information.

Our innovative products intended for acute diarrhea (TASECTAN®, TASECTAN DUO® and XILAPLUS®) attracted a lot of interest from doctors.

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Tasectan® Duo launched in Austria

We are pleased to announce the launch of Tasectan® Duo in Austria by our partner company Montavit. This will be Tasectan® Duo´s second market, after the successful introduction in Italy by Angelini. 

Tasectan Duo ® is the first combination of gelatin tannate and inactivated bacteria, and can be used to re-establish the physiological functions of the gut barrier, as well as to prevent dysbiosis.

It is intended for prolonged diarrhea (lasting between 1 - 2 weeks) or for the prevention and management of diarrhea associated with antibiotic treatment, and  is expected to capture part of the market space of probiotics used for diarrhea.

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