Based on our knowledge of products, the marketplace and the competition, we team up with our partners.


We provide ongoing training and support, sharing best practices among partners through our online Marketing Community, thus strengthening our mutual collaboration


We support our partners in their pursuit to achieve shared business goals.


This is what makes working with Noventure a rewarding experience for our partners.

Our success

Our success is based on the synergy and fit of products into the commercial strategy of our partners:

Their main therapeutic areas,

Their business model, and

Their promotional target


Noventure builds partnerships based on a shared understanding of the medical needs, pursuing market opportunities by country while growing together.



Providing brands that add value to your business and boost your sales throughout the contract life cycle.

Ensuring post-deal commercial guidance:

  • Extensive experience with partners in 45 countries worldwide.
  • Committed team of highly experienced professionals.

Contract lifecycle management

Noventure will accompany you throughout the Product contract lifecycle, from the regulatory process to market development.



We offer our partners continuous training and support to help them draw up marketing plans throughout the contract life cycle. 

Our commitment to support your business:


  • Participating in scientific events and working with research institutions to create awareness and spread the benefits of our brands.
  • Feeding an extensive scientific database and a plan to continually publish new articles to support our brands, therefore hosting a growing network of experts and KOL’s that vouch for our products.


These brands include innovative, substance-based medical devices with СЄ marking and specialized food supplements that are available for marketing across the European Union and associated territories. For non-EU countries, the regulatory process is carried out locally.

"Nice people good Business! It is always a pleasure to interact with Noventure persons at any level: good approach for the business, the right solution for any step of the process! We do collaborate for a common Goal"

Maristella Zurlo & Tiziana Melillo

Marketing Manager & Brand Manager at Zambon