Xyloglucan, hibiscus and propolis to reduce symptoms and antibiotics use in recurrent UTIs: a prospective study.

Cai T et al. Future Microbiol. 2019 Aug;14:1013-1021.

The results of a new prospective observational clinical trial carried out in women with recurrent Urinary Tract Infections (rUTIs) have demonstrated that the use of a medical device containing xyloglucan, hibiscus and propolis reduces both recurrences and the use of antibiotics. Moreover, the study showed remarkable results since almost 84% of patients reported a notable clinical improvement of QoL with a statistically significant difference compared with baseline after 6 months from the beginning of the treatment. It is also concluded that although antibiotics are still considered the pillar for the management of UTIs, the spread of multidrug-resistant microorganisms is worryingly rising and requires thorough monitoring and novel preventive approaches. This is an independent study, coordinated by Dr. Tommaso Cai, member of the board of EAU Guidelines and part of several other Italian and international institutions that, since a long time, are fully committed in the rationalisation of the use of antibiotics.

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UTIPRO PLUS® launched in Finland

We are pleased to announce the launch of UTIPRO® PLUS, our product for uncomplicated UTIs, in Finland. The product is commercialized over the Finnish territory under the umbrella brand UrinCUR / Utipro plus and it is distributed by RFSU, our partner for the product on the Swedish and Norwegian territory as well.

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Let's meet in..

2021, Mar 01

euroPLX 75 Lisbon

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