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Tasectan® is a medical device used to restore the physiological function of the intestinal walls. It is specifically formulated to control and reduce the symptoms associated with diarrhea resulting from various causes, such as abdominal tension and frequent defecation. It is effective within 12 hours.

The Gelatin Tannate of which the product is composed is not altered in the stomach and acts by forming a film which protects the intestinal mucosa, reducing the frequency and duration of diarrhoea episodes. The medical device is available in capsule form for adults and as a powder recommended for pediatric use.

CE 0373

Tasectan® complies the Essential Requirements of Directive 93/42/EEC and subsequent amendments. 


Tasectan® comes in capsule form, in blister packs (8, 15 or 45 capsules) and in sachets, for pediatric use (10 or 20 sachets)

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