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ULKOX® OLE is a hydrogel presented in a conical tube with an integrated cannula which contains Fucocert® (polysaccharide) and glycerine as moisturizers, as well as Olea europaea leaf extract, included because of its antioxidant properties. The presence of Carbopol 980® provides an isolating and protective barrier for the ulcer bed. The combination of these components, together with the capability to reduce the alkalinity of the ulcer bed through its slightly acidic pH, gives ULKOX® OLE the ability to modulate the environment of the cutaneous ulcers, thus promoting and speeding up the healing process.

CE 0476

ULKOX® OLE complies the Essential Requirements of Directive 93/42/EEC and subsequent amendments. 



ULKOX® OLE is indicated for the healing of full and partial thickness skin ulcers such as:

  • Pressure ulcers, lower limb ulcers (venous ulcers), diabetic foot


ULKOX® OLE can be used throughout the whole healing process. 

  • For skin ulcers: It is recommended to be used at least three times per week coinciding with the regular cleaning of the ulcer and/or with the change of secondary dressing, if any, aiming to facilitate a favourable environment for the healing.

  • FOR ANAL FISSURES: It is recommended to make applications after bowel movements and personal grooming; as a rule, apply several times a day.


Fucocert®, Glycerine, Carbopol 980®,

Olea europaea leaf extract, Geogard Ultra®, disodium EDTA, Trietanolamine and purified water.

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Presentations available: 

•    carton box containing 1 tube of 30 g with integrated cannula for its application. 

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