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Gelatin tannate ameliorates acute colitis in mice by reinforcing mucus layer and modulating gut microbiota composition: Emerging role for ‘gut barrier protectors’ in IBD?

Franco Scaldaferri Loris Riccardo Lopetuso1, Valentina Petito, et al.

United European Gastroenterology Journal 2014, Vol. 2(2) 113–122Background:Gelatin tannate, a gelatin powder containing tannic acids, is commonly employed as an intestinal astringent. Neither information nor animal model exist to confirm its efficacy or unravel mechanisms of action.Objective:To...

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Undissociated Gelatine Tannate reduces intestinal leakiness and mucosa inflammation by forming a protective biofilm: results from in-vitro and in-vivo studies.

L. Bueno et al.

UEG Journal - United European Gastroenterology Journal, Oct.2013: Vol. 1, Supl. 1; ISSN 2050-6406 (print) ISSN 2050-6414 (online) - Pags A75-A76 Introduction:Gelatine (GEL) stabilised by cross-linking with tannic acid (TA) forms gelatine tannate (GT). GT is approved as medical device for the...

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2021, Oct 05


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