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Regulation of tight junctions in upper airway epithelium.

Takashi Kojima, Mitsuru Go, Ken-ichi Takano, Makoto Kurose, Tsuyoshi Ohkuni, Jun-ichi Koizumi, Ryuta Kamekura, Noriko Ogasawara, Tomoyuki Masaki, Jun Fuchimoto, Kazufumi Obata, Satoshi Hirakawa, Kazuaki Nomura, Takashi Keira, Ryou Miyata, Nobuhiro Fujii,

Rhinosectan’s mode of action has been studied in experimental models with nasal mucosa cells. In these models, the presence of xyloglucan prevents the harmful action of substances known to damage the architecture of the cells. This is thanks to the protective barrier effect that comes from the mucoadhesivity of this polymer (1).

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2020, Nov 18


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2020, Nov 23

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2020, Dec 01

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