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The mucosal barrier at a glance

Marion M. France, Jerrold R. Turner

J Cell Sci 2017 (Journal of Cell Science) Mucosal barriers separate self from non-self and are essential for life. These barriers, which are the first line of defense against external pathogens, are formed by epithelial cells and the substances they secrete.Rather than an absolute barrier,...

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Biopolymeric Mucin and Synthetic Polymer Analogs: Their Structure, Function and Role in Biomedical Applications.

Sundar P. Authimoolam and Thomas D. Dziubla

Polymers 2016, 8(3), 71 Mucin networks are viscoelastic fibrillar aggregates formed through the complex self-association of biopolymeric glycoprotein chains. The networks form a lubricious, hydrated protective shield along epithelial regions within the human body. The critical role played by...

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2021, Oct 05


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2021, Nov 09

CPhI 2021

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2022, Feb 01


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